LabStandard® is our product line, which includes more than 1500 single component standard solutions and CRM of pesticides and metabolites, dozens of stable and homogeneous multi-component mixtures, and some “Ready-to-Use” kits for the control of food safety and of environmental quality.
The LabStandard® “Ready-to-Use” product range represents an alternative to the expensive as well as dangerous traditional “neat” standards. With them, you won’t need hundreds of potentially detectable pesticides to be handled, weighted, thinned, stored, or registered. Therefore, you won’t have to manage expirations and replacements, consider and compare lots, and/or qualify suppliers.
LabStandard® works:
A rapid control of the equipment tune and of the MRM transitions;
To quickly update the Rt variation;
To enhance selectivity and sensibility in MSMS;
To improve the efficiency of measurements and reduce the frequency of calibrations;
To validate the performance of the multi-residual method of analysis;
To evaluate more frequently the recycling and reproducibility of the sample preparation, keeping lot to lot uniformity;
To improve precision, reduce measurement error concerning in-house standard solutions, produced with volumetric procedures and the complete elimination of potential errors.
LabStandard® Kits have been planned for a quicker and more reliable identification of over 600 analytes in the same chromatography run. Their use allows for:
Significantly reduced man-hours (at least 7x) for the in-house preparation of stock calibration solutions (one for each analysis);
Cheaper purchase and disposal of dozens of litres of organic solvents (at least 30x);
Risk reduction for workers’ health and safety concerns, preventing the handling of pesticides, which can be toxic, carcinogenic, teratogenic, and mutagenic;
A lower contamination risk in work environment, chemical hoods, and laboratory glassware, caused by the use of non-diluted standard solutions.
LabStandard® Kits contain all the plant protection products that can be referenced with the Application Notes, published by the main spectrometer producers for their customers, allowing a fast procedure.

The LabStandard® single-component product line also includes a great amount of deuterated pesticides made by us (ISO-Lab®) and all those mixtures that are used for the analysis of highly polar pesticides, in products of both vegetal (QuPPe-PO) and animal origin (QuPPe-AO).
The LabStandard® and QPP-Lab® products are traceable according to Primary NIST Standards and are produced in an ISO Guide 34:2009 certified company. They are also monitored in EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified laboratories.


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