We sell scientific instruments, new or “refurbished”, such as: Gc, HPLC, GCMS, LCMS, GcHRMS, FTMS, FTIR, Raman, Uv.Vis, Autoanalyzer, etc. for chemistry laboratories and clinical laboratories. We are the exclusive distributor in Italy of Mascom Technologies GmbH of which we present the new interface GC-APPI for mass spectrometer Series Orbitrap ™ of Thermo Fisher.
We rent, for short or long term, all kinds of “refurbished” mass spectrometers (mainly manufactured by Thermo Fisher and Finnigan) such as QqQ and linear traps mod. TSQ, LTQ or LXQ by Thermo Fisher, GCHRMS mod.Mat 95 XL / XT by Finnigan , FTMS mod. Orbitrap ™, Exactive ™ and Q-Exactive ™ interfaced to GC or HPLC. We offer qualified technical service that includes “ACB Service” , “Flat Rate“, “Board Exchange” and “Repair and Return“.
We supply over 7000 original spare parts, including: multiplier, filaments, turbo-molecular pumps, valves, pistons, syringes, adapter, gaskets, filters, ferrules, liners, frits, etc. for any model of mass spectrometer.
We repair the main models of turbo molecular and auxiliary pumps of the major brands offering the service “Free Rent” for as long as necessary to repair.
We are the exclusive distributor in Italy of YL INSTRUMENTS CO. Ltd. which distributes the series of gas-chromatographs and liquid chromatographs YL6500GC YL9100HPLC and YL9300HPLC as well as new single quadrupole mass spectrometers for GC and LC such as: YL6900GCMS and YL9900LCMS.

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