We produce a complete QuEChERS product line for LLE extraction and clean-up (d-SPE) of pesticides and mycotoxins in fruits, vegetables, cereal products, meat, juices, wine, citrus fruits, ground, etc. Such products are preparatory for a multi-residual analysis of pesticides in chromatography (GC-HPLC) and mass spectrometry (GCMSMS and LCMSMS). This method is based on a work published in 2003 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Eastern Regional Research Center in Wyndmoor, PA (M. Anastassiades, S.J. Lehotay, D. Stajnbaher, F.J. Schenck) and replaces the old extraction methods by greatly reducing working time as well as the high costs of solvents, glassware and other special laboratory equipment.

The QuE-Lab® product line has been carefully conceived to allow customers choose the products they need, according to the type of food to analyse and the typology of plant protection product to search. This product line includes more than 50 different packaging (LLE Falcon, cone-shaped tubes; self-standing 15 ml transfer tubes or sachets; 2 and 15 ml d-SPE tubes) available in every formulation, in order to satisfy the customer needs and, at the same time, respecting the most widespread official methods (EN 152, AOAC 2007.01, “Original”, etc.).

The QuE-Lab® products, entirely made in Italy, according to certified procedures, are characterized by:
Variety of packaging;
Certified quality of raw materials;
“Lot to lot” reproducibility;
Distinctive “colour code” according to the matrix type;
Economic packaging.

In addition, the catalogue includes QuE-Lab® Mycotoxin LLE Tubes and QuE-Lab® Mycotoxin dSPE Tubes for the analysis of mycotoxins in food.
Recently, we introduced our brand new products to the market: the SwE-Lab® “Ready-to-Use” products, based on the Swedish Ethyl Acetate Method. It is a new extraction and purification method in the multi-residual analysis of fruits, vegetables, cereals and products of animal origin with a different content of fat.
This method uses small amounts of solvents and gives extracts that are perfectly compatible with the GCMSMS and LCMSMS injection, as it inserts very low concentrations of the matrix components, like proteins and sugars.


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