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Since more than thirty years we distribute and sell fine chemical products, laboratory glassware, consumables for chromatography and equipment for laboratory of the leading world manufacturers. Since 2006 we have our catalog in Italian language and a platform of e-commerce in four different languages. The catalog, by now in its fourth edition, contains a selection of about 6000 articles among the over 80,000 inserted in the online shop and can be purchased directly with or without pre-registration. The warehouse is outsourced in Germany and is remotely managed by our offices. The orders are managed in real time and readied for shipment within five hours of the approval of the order.
The delivery is effected everywhere in a maximum time of five working days. Pre-registered customers can buy on the e-commerce saving up 40% on regular prices and they can have access to all the services available online like: 1) check the stock availability in real time; 2) to assess among the possible alternative products, more convenient ones and promotional offers; 3) print quotes, brochures and technical specifications; 4) monitor the transport by “tracking number”, etc.; at the same time enjoy the supply usual conditions and postponing the payment after receipt and expiry of the invoice.

  • SS 172 Putignano-Alberobello, Km28+200
    70013 Castellana Grotte BA
  • +39 080 496 9746-9
  • +39 080 496 9752



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