The warehouse is constantly supplied by the Production Department and over a thousand of calibration standards and /or CRMs ready to ship are stored. QR Codes uniquely identify the products (product code and lot number included), that are stored in refrigerator-freezers whose temperature is continuously monitored and recorded by the aid of specially designed database. This advanced database manages production plans and stockpiles thus ensuring the availability of at least two different production batches. Moreover, it manages the entire production cycle and controls storage conditions. LabStandard® products, with rare exceptions, expire between 18 and 24 months from the date of production. Delivery, unless otherwise specified by the customer, is carried out when not less than 12 months miss to expiry date.



LabStandard® Single-Components are poured in 2 ml ampoules of deactivated amber glass and, on request, in silanized Certan® * vials and ampoules (2-5-10 ml). Liquid handling operations are carried out avoiding any contamination risk. Glass contact materials are deactivated and plastic materials are phthalate-free and devoid of release products. Ampoule sealing is performed with a carbon residues-free flame sealing machine in inert gas atmosphere. Each ampoule is labeled according to ISO Guide 31. Moreover, for the container in which to transfer the product after the opening of the ampoule, another label is provided. Labels report a bar code (readable by the most common auto-samplers), the product hazard symbols and an empty space for any note.



Single-Component and Multi-Component Mixes LabStandard® ampoules are packaged in boxes. The latter ones contain cushioning material or special PS blister able to preserve the ampoules from breakage due to impacts or falls. LabStandard® Kits consist of many ampoules housed in multilevel PS blisters, able to accommodate up to 48 ampoules. Blisters are placed in special boxes whose surface is treated with materials that allow fridge-freezer storage. On the boxes are pasted labels showing: product name, CAS number, product code and lot number. A QR Code is also provided for website data, hazard symbols and storage indication method. Each package contains product’s analysis certificates.



For LabStandard® products an innovative integrated transport system is used. Thermal stabilizers and insulated containers are capable of maintaining storage temperatures during the transport, even at long distance. Thermal stabilizers are made with non-toxic materials; they are sealed and reusable after cooling at -30 ° C. Shipping items are monitored by the TTSC (Track Transport System Control) by means of a “data logger” that during transport, captures, saves and sends information about shipment’s temperature. Recipients can access to the “App” and to the logistics software in order to monitor the shipment and the detected physical parameters. The system follows the ISO Guide 34 for the transport of CRMs and LabStandards®.

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