Some laboratories may require various “multi-components” solutions not usually in production. Our production labs are able to produce any “custom” mixture to meet the customer’s need. Custom standards are produced under the certified quality management system; they have NIST traceability and, before the release, they are subjected to laboratory analysis such as homogeneity and stability tests (eg. CIPAC MT46 Stress Test). Following the interactive procedure, you can select the required concentration for each component, a suitable solvent/matrix, the quantity and type of packaging.
The produced “custom” standard is accompanied by all the documentation required by ISO Guide 35 (Reference materials – General and statistical principles for certification), ISO Guide 31 (Reference materials – Contents of certificates and labels) etc., as well as by the safety data sheet in accordance with Reg. (EC) n. 1272/2008 and by a certificate of analysis showing all the data identifying the production batch, such as concentration values and tolerance for each component, NIST, BAM and SI traceability, etc.

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